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MAS Athena “Inspires Change” towards learning & development for continuous improvement.

MAS possesses a legacy of fostering a culture of learning, within the organization. MAS pursues in continuous learning to evolve and inculcates forward thinking in tune with customer needs. MAS nurtures a continuous improvement mindset coupled with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. MAS always believe that Sri Lanka can and work towards becoming best-in-class in all they do.

While creating a strong mind-schema to Inspiring Change for learning & development, MAS Athena positions itself as a collaborative knowledge hub focused on transforming human capital. MAS Athena further explores a multitude of affiliations which create vivid learning & development opportunities through collaboration.

MAS Athena’s tranquil, sustainable environment, bordering Ma-Oya holds the key to an aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. MAS Athena also aligns state of the art services relating to accommodation, food & beverage, relaxing & recharging plus entertainment, thus connecting all ancillaries required for a comprehensive learning & development experience.

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The GYF will provide and cover the accommodation of all selected participants at the MAS Athena. Shared rooms will be provided with the following details: 2 participants per room, single beds, shared bathroom. Gender specificities will be taken into account.